Welcome to the Social Insurance Administration

The Social Insurance Administration (Tryggingastofnun) is a governmental service institution seeing to the payment of pension insurance and social assistance.

The institution is regulated by the The Ministry of Welfare.

Tryggingastofnun emphasizes providing its clients with good, accessible services.

Who is insured?

Everyone who has been legally resident in Iceland for a certain period of time automatically becomes a member of the Icelandic social insurance system, regardless of nationality.

However, certain conditions must be met to become entitled to benefits, for example regarding age, disability and time of residence. Income and family circumstances can also influence entitlement.

Tryggingastofnun administers social insurance, including pension insurance.

In addition, Tryggingastofnun administers social assistance from the State.

  • For comprehensive information about public services in Iceland, please see www.island.is.
  • The Department for Labour (Vinnumálastofnun) of the Ministry of Welfare is responsible for and administers unemployment insurance. For information about unemployment benefits please visit www.vmst.is
  • Health insurance is administered by Icelandic Health Insurance (Sjúkratryggingar Íslands) and the Ministry of Welfare. Please visit www.sjukra.is.
  • Child benefits are administered by the Directorate of Internal Revenue (Ríkisskattstjóri).

Residence in Iceland

Certain rules apply to the registration of legal residence in Iceland. Further information about the registration of legal residence can be obtained from the National Registry (Þjóðskrá).