Pensioners Living Abroad - Exchange Rates

Benchmark exchange rate of the Icelandic krona for foreign income.

If foreign income is involved, the calculation of compensation from Social Insurance Administration in 2014 will be based on the average exchange rate of the krona as recorded by the Central Bank of Iceland in October 2013 (see the accompanying table exchange rates).

Settlement of compensation in 2014 will be calculated in accordance with the average exchange rate in 2014.

The average exchange rate of several currencies in October 2013 according to information from the Central Bank of Iceland:

Country Foreign currency Mid rate
USA USD 120,78
UK  GBP 194,40
Canada     CAD 116,56
Denmark DKK 22,08
Norway      NOK 20,28
Sweden     SEK 18,83
Switzerland CHF 133,74
Euro area             EUR 164,70
Australia    AUD 114,98
Polland    PLN 39,31
Latvia    LVL 234,35
Lithuania LTL 47,7
South African Rand ZAR 12,18
Síða yfirfarin/breytt 29. janúar 2014