Parental payments

Payments to parents of chronically ill children and seriously disabled children

Parental payment  are payments to the parents of chronically ill or disabled children who can neither engage in studies nor be in the labour market because of their children's illness or disability.

The payments are intended to meet the loss of income of the parents of chronically ill or seriously disability children. This is a joint right of parents.

There are three kinds of payments:

1. Payments to parents on the labour market:

The parents of children diagnosed after 1 October 2007 can be entitled to wage-related payments if it is shown that the parent must quit working because of the illness or disability of his or her child. This involves a joint right of parents for up to three months. Extension for another three months is authorized under special circumstances.

2. Parents engaged in studies

This involves payments to parents having to discontinue studies or take a break from them because of serious illness or disability of their children.

3. General Financial assistance – base payments

This involves payments to parents who are neither working nor studying when a child is diagnosed. Base payments can also be applicable as a continuation of payments to parents who have got wage-related payments and payments to parents engaged in studies. Base payments may be paid until a child turns 18.

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