Application forms

Here are the forms of SIA which are in English. 

Please note that other forms in Icelandic can be found on tr.is/eydublod

  • Application for invalidity pension an related payments 
    Invalidity pension is assessed in accordance with a specific disability standard based on both physical and mental proficiency. Those meeting the disability standard can be entitled to receive a invalidity pension if they are between 18 and 67 and have resided in Iceland for at least the three last years before applying for the pension or for six months if their work capacity was undiminished when they took up residence in Iceland.
  • Application for old age pension and related payments
    To acquire the right to an old age pension, an individual must be 67 years old and have lived in Iceland at least three calendar years between 16 and 67 years of age. Old age pensions are paid starting at age 67, regardless of occupation or marital status. Men and women have the same right.
  • Income estimate for 2016
    The information stated in the income estimate will be used to calculate income-linked benefits for 2016. The final benefit entitlement for the year will be calculated in the autumn of 2017, when final information on the income for 2016 becomes available. Any discrepancy between paid benefits and benefit entitlements will be settled at that time.