Child Support Payments

Child support payments are not deemed to be Social Insurance benefits, but rather the Social Insurance Administration acts solely as a liaison for their payment.

The Municipal Child Support Collection Centre sees to collecting payments from child support payers and reimbursing the Social Insurance Administration.

Child support is paid in accordance with a ruling by the District Commissioner or an agreement confirmed by District Commissioner regarding child support payments and also a judgement or court settlement regarding child support payments. Child support is paid until the child is 18 and is generally conditioned on the child's residence in Iceland. The Social Insurance Administration never pays an amount higher than simple child support although a ruling/agreement stipulates a higher amount. The parent or custodian must collect the difference from the child support payer.

Did you know:

If an applicant for child support is moving to Iceland, child support payments from the former country of residence must be confirmed, and a copy of the child support ruling must also accompany the application.