Who receive assistance?

Home-care assessment

The Social Insurance Administration's assessment is based on:

  • Physician's information on the child's illness/disability/disturbances
  • Parents' application (and reports)
  • Proposals from Social service in your municipality (municipal family departments). This is only for children with disability)
  • Other documents: letters from physicians, social workers' reports, reports from school employees, reports from psychologists and others. Also, the Social Insurance Administration's consulting physicians (we obtain parties to prepare opinions) and the Social Insurance Administration's consulting social workers (we obtain parties to prepare opinions).

A home-care assessment is done to determine whether the conditions for assistance are met. There are two possible outcomes of a home-care assessment:

  1. Increased participation in the costs of medical care and medicines a home-care benefits card
  2. Direct tax-free caregiver payments which are intended to meet burdensome caregiving and parents' increased expenses because of their children's disability, long-term illness or serious developmental and behavioural disturbances.
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