Home-care allowance

The Social Insurance Administration may pay a home-care allowance to persons who support disabled and chronically ill children who live at home or in a hospital, and/or take a larger part in the payment of medical expenses if the child's mental or physical disability involves substantial expenses and special care or looking after.

Home-care allowance may be paid to persons supporting children with serious developmental disorders that may be regarded as the equivalent of disabilities, and of children with serious behavioural problems that may be regarded as the equivalent of psychiatric illnesses.

This is social assistance that is provided when care is demanding, and the cost because of healthcare service, treatment and training has become considerable and severe for parents.

Home-care allowances can extend from birth to the age of 18.

This assistance is applied for by submitting an application along with a medical certificate to the Social Insurance Administration.

Caregiver benefits card

A caregiver benefits card provides parents with discounts on medical services for children.  Application must be made for a caregiver benefits card and a medical certificate submitted. 

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