Home-care Allowance

The aim of home-care allowance is to provide financial support to providers of disabled and/or chronically ill children, as well as children with developmental disabilities. It is social assistance provided when care is demanding and the costs of health care, treatment and for example physiotherapy has become significant.

Home-care assessment can be from the child's birth until the age of 18. Home-care allowance is non-taxable and paid out in advance at the beginning of the month.

Home-care assessment is based on article 4 of the Social Assistance Act no. 99/2007 and Regulation no. 504/1997.

Documents supporting the application

  • Medical certificate
  • Information on the treatment of the child
  • Confirmation of expenses incurred (copy of receipts)
  • Depending on the circumstances, reports from social workers, doctors, psychologists, school staff, and other professionals
  • Proposal for care assessment from the social services of the municipality in the case of a child with a disability (TR calls for this information directly from the municipality in question)

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