Child Support

Parent of a child, residing in Iceland, can request that TR pay child support for their child after an official child support decision has been made. It is a condition that the child resides with the parent in question. Child support is paid until the child reaches the age of 18. Child support can be paid retroactively up to one year from the time all documents have been received, if this is stated in the official child support decision. Application can only be made on My Pages.

Official child support decision can be:

  • Confirmed contract or ruling issued by the District Commissioner
  • Judgment or settlement
  • Foreign child support agreement

TR pays only single child support for each child and the amount is the same as that of child pension payments. Anything beyond single child support depends on an agreement between the parents in question. This also applies even if the child support decision states that higher payments be made, e.g. double child support. In such cases, the parents in question must settle on how the difference is to be paid.

Temporary Child Support

If paternity of a child has not been established, child support may be paid temporarily. Confirmation from the District Commissioner or a lawyer that litigation is ongoing must be submitted. Payments are then settled once an official child support decision has been made.

Special Contribution

A parent that receives child support can apply for additional payments in the case of special expenses, such as baptism, confirmation, purchase of glasses, orthodontics, due to illness, burial or other special occasions.

A decision on the payment of special contribution from the District Commissioner must be submitted with application.

Child Support payments when moving to Iceland

If an applicant for child support moves to Iceland, they must submit with the application an official confirmation that child support payments have ceased in the previous country of residence.

Original of child support ruling/agreement must be submitted with application.

Other payments

District Commissioners may rule that the father of a child is liable to pay to the mother a maintenance allowance for three months around the time of the child's birth in special circumstances. If the mother becomes ill due to pregnancy or childbirth, it may be ruled that maintenance allowance be paid by the father for up to nine months.

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