Household Supplement

To be entitled to household supplement, the applicant must be single and live alone. A household supplement may also be paid to pensioners if the spouse is staying in an institution for the elderly. There are two exceptions to this, but it is possible to receive a household supplement if:

  • An individual aged 18-25 who is studying or engaged in vocational training lives in the home. A school certificate for the young person must be submitted with the application
  • An individual aged 20-25 is engaged in studies away from their legal domicile. A certificate of temporary residence away from legal domicile must be submitted with the application, e.g. school certificate

The household supplement is income related and is suspended if the total income exceeds the limit.

Household supplement is also suspended if:

  • The person no longer lives alone
  • The person moves out the country
  • The person moves to another house but then they must apply again

A copy of the tenancy agreement must be submitted if the applicant lives in rented accommodations.