Disability Grant

Disability Grant is intended for individuals aged 18-67 who have significant additional costs due to their disability, e.g. for medicine, medical care or assistive devices. Disability Grant is based on 50% disability assessment.

  • Disability Grant is income related and is calculated based on income estimate
  • It is a condition that the applicant has resided in Iceland for at least the last three years before the application is submitted or for six months if the work capacity was unimpaired before moving to the country
  • Disability Grant for people aged 18-61 can be maximum of ¾ of the full disability pension
  • For people aged 62-67 the disability grant is equal to the disability pension (basic pension)
  • There are no additional payments with a disability grant except for those who have dependent children under 18 years of age. The supplement is 75% of child pension for each child

Spouses‘ income generally does not affect payments, except for capital income that is calculated jointly for spouses/cohabitants. Total capital income is divided in half between spouses/cohabitants.

Disability grant is suspended:

  • If the annual income exceeds ISK 8.234.565 for 18-61 years or ISK 8.316.784 for 62-67 years
  • When a renewed disability assessment is below 50%
  • When an individual reaches the age of 67, because then he acquires the right to an old age pension and must apply separately
  • If the application of the renewal of the disability assessment is received by TR too late, the disability grant will be suspended until a new disability assessment has been completed
  • If living conditions are not met