Child Pension for Study Purposes

Child pension for study or vocational training is paid to young people aged 18-20. A condition for the payments is if one or both parents have died or are pensioners (disability, old age or rehabilitation). It is also permitted to pay a child pension if the parent liable for child support receives ruling from the district commissioner that he or she does not have to pay child support due to low income.

Conditions for payments

  • A parent is a pensioner or deceased
  • The applicant must have legal domicile in Iceland
  • Applicant must be engaged in full time studies in a recognized school and the studies must be their main occupation

The pension is only determined for one semester at a time. Application are made at the beginning of the term and after that a school certificate must be submitted for each semester, stating the academic achievement of the last semester and the number of credits of the current semester. It is important to specify whether these are standard credits or fein credits.

Documents supporting the application

  • School certificate showing academic achievement in the last semester as well as confirmation of the number of credits in next semester. It is important to specify whether these are standard credits or fein credits
  • If the district commissioner has rejected a ruling on child support due to parents low income or if it has not been possible to find the parent, that ruling must accompany the application
  • Confirmation from a guidance counselor if the student is unable to pursue full-time studies
  • Death certificate if applied for due to the death of a parent and the deceased was not resident in this country and no documents have been submitted before