Social Insurance Administration has recalculated income-linked pension benefits for the year 2018. The recalculation has been compared to the latest income estimate for the year 2018.

The benefits are recalculated to see if your benefits were according to your tax return.


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Paid-out benefits were underpaid

Niðurstaðan er inneign að upphæð X kr. sem verður greidd inn á reikning x þann x nk. 

No difference between paid-out benefits and your final benefits entitlement

Niðurstaðan er að greiðslur á árinu 2017 eru réttar. 

Benefits were overpaid

Niðurstaðan er skuld að upphæð X kr. Sjá nánar um innheimtu í meðfylgjandi bréfi.

Overpayments will not be reclaimed 

Niðurstaðan er skuld að upphæð X kr. Skuldin verður ekki innheimt. 

Amount will be used to pay debts resulting from earlier overpayments

Niðurstaðan er inneign að upphæð X kr. sem verður ráðstafað til lækkunar á eldri skuld. Ef inneign er til staðar eftir þá ráðstöfun verður hún greidd inn á reikning X þann X nk.

Electronic submissions on Mínar síður 

Pensioners can now correct their income estimates electronically at any time on Mínar síður

The site allows the electronic preparation of income estimates and provides instant preliminary calculations of payments. The password used for the site is supplied by the Registers Iceland, Íslykill (IceKey) or by digital certificates on debet cards and mobile phones provided by the Icelandic banks.

To apply for Íslykill you need to got to this site: You are asked to enter your ID-number (kennitala) and choose if you want the IceKey sent to your home-bank, via mail to domicile in Iceland or, if you are not living in Iceland, get it sent to an Icelandic embassy (list of embassies will appear in a drop-down list).

You can also go to the office of Þjóðskrá (The National Registry) in Borgartún 21 with personal ID and receive an Íslykill

Note that you will only have to submit an income estimate if any changes are made.