Additional support for the elderly

A new type of payment that is intended to support the subsistence of persons 67 years and older who have permanent residency and have no or limited pension rights with the Social Security Administration will be implemented 1st of November.

This additional support can amount to a maximum of ISK 231.110. per month, which is 90% of the full old-age social security pension per month in the year 2020.  Those who live alone may in addition be entitled to up to 90% of the household supplement, which is ISK 58.400. per month in the year 2020.

Who is entitled to additional support for the elderly

Individuals who are 67 years or older with none or limited pension rights with the Social Security Administration and with total income lower than 231.110 ISK per month may be entitled to additional support for the elderly. Although it is allowed to have other income up to 25.000 ISK per month. Furthermore a condition is a permanent residence in Iceland. Foreign citizens need to have indefinite residence permit or a right to indefinite stay in Iceland.

In recent weeks, Tryggingastofnun (Social Insurance Administration) has been preparing for the implementation of additional support. There has also been good consultation with municipal welfare services, interest groups and relevant public institutions on the implementation and how information will be provided to the group in question. Promotional material will initially be in Icelandic and English, but will be translated into Polish in the near future and possibly other languages.

Applicants can apply on Mínar síður.

Information in Polish can be found here

Q and A

The additional social support can be maximum 90% of old age pension and 90% of household supplement - if applicable.

Maximum support payment pr. month in 2020 before taxes is 231.110 kr. and household supplement 58.400 kr.

Beneficiary may be entitled to a household supplement if (s)he is unmarried and running the household alone. 

The amount of additional assistance varies depending on the beneficiary's earnings. Income under 25.000 ISK does not affect your payments but income exceeding 25.000 ISK will be deducted from payments.

If your assets in money, bonds or in bank account are over 4.000.000 ISK you are not entitled to payments.

It is possible to apply for payments from July 1st, 2020 – if you apply before January 31st, 2021.

Applicant´s rights to payments from an employer or unions must be fully exercised. 

You must apply and submit a confirmation of any other rights to payments, such as from foreign governments, pension payments, your pension payments in Iceland and social assistance.

Beneficiaries can travel abroad but if you travels extends for more than 90 days in total in each 12-month payment period, your payment entitlement expires.